Some of the benefits are:

  • You don’t have to write the same contact information on your luggage tag every time you travel. You only change your addres or your phonenumber if get a new one.
  • You can update your contact information at any time and from anywhere using your smartphone 
  • You can plan multiple journeys by entering future dates and places you are planning to stay and your contact information will change automatically based on this info 
  • You don’t have to search for a luggage tag, at the airport 
  • You don’t have to remember a pen 
  • People can easily scan and read your tag without the app  
  • People can send you messages using their smartphone if they find your luggage

NO! It is 100% free to use the app and there are no subscription fees, no adds and no plans to make a paid version.

No, you can use any QR or NFC reader you like. (However there is actually a QR reader on the dashboard inside the app that can be used as well).

Yes. Go to “My Tags” from the dashboard. On iPhone: Swipe left on the tag and press reset. On Android: Hold down on the tag name for a few seconds, and select “Reset”.

After that is done, someone else would be able to register it to their account. If you want to use it again later, it is the same process.

You tags QR and NFC code represents an URL and a webpage. It is technically possible for anyone to visit your tag and thereby generate a view.  Often this happens when someone who has scanned it before opens the page again in their browser history.

However noone would be able to guess your URL. If it only happens once or twice you shouldn’t worry about it. However if it happens often: Let us know and we will arrance a new tag for you.

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