Tagonce was founded in 2014, in Copenhagen, Denmark

On a trip to Paris in 2012, the two original founders of Tagonce Anette Høj Frederiksen and Brian Høj Andersen got tired of filling out flimsy paper luggage tags every time they were travelling so they started thinking that clearly there should be an easier solution to adding your contact information to your luggage in the form of an app.

In 2015 Tina Svedal joined the founding team and together we designed and thought out Tagonce and made a kickstarter campaign to test the waters to see if there would be any interest in their product. They sold for $45.000 luggage tags in 30 days from 1284 buyers.

Today Tagonce is in good shape. We are steadily growing the number of users, and we are still constantly working hard to keep the whole Tagonce solution as the #1 luggage tag solution both technically, aesthetically and physically and always thinking ahead as for for what the future tag should contain and look like.

We are fully aware that sales and marketing are very important aspects of growing a new business, but we exist 100% for the users and they are the number 1 priority for us.

We believe that we can always be better, so we are constantly working on new ways to improve the overall user experience. If you have any input we are and will always be listening – so please share your thoughts here: info@tagonce.com